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Passing the FE Exam is NOT EASY. Especially if you are working full time, have personal or family commitments, or maybe you’ve been out of school for some time now. But these obstacles won’t stop you from becoming an EIT. Because at the end of the day, you are trying to build something for yourself.

You may need to pass this FE exam to graduate, get that next job offer, move into that new role you’ve been wanting, or get that massive boost of benefits after becoming a PE. Whatever your reason may be, passing the FE exam is a sure way to take control of a career path that you want to build.


Your FE exam preparation needs to be under your full control. If you want to pass your FE exam, you must

  • Build the right study mindset by taking small, actionable steps. 
  • Apply the right analysis skills required to solve FE style questions.
  • Use the right resources to prepare for the 2024 Civil FE exam.



This exam is daunting and building the right mindset for it will take time. Whether this is your first try or you failed the FE multiple times already, you will overcome your fear of this exam by taking small, actionable steps. Eventually, you will slowly train your mind to enjoy learning.

By using this course, you will build the right mindset by:

✔ Building a realistic study plan that will keep you motivated to study each week

✔ Regaining your confidence as you slowly build a structured, consistent study routine

✔ Unlearning bad study habits and replacing them good ones

✔ Overcoming your fears and intrusive thoughts by redefining your measure of success

✔ Feeling that you are capable of doing so much more than you thought you can


In order to pass this FE exam, you must develop the right problem-solving skills. With the help of this course, you will enhance your problem-solving abilities so that you are able to break down and solve all types of FE style problems. The skills you discover will be immediately applicable to FE problems

By using this course, you will learn and apply the right skills by:

✔ Applying all the Civil FE Equations in the latest NCEES® FE Handbook 10.3

Learning and practicing the step-by-step process needed to solve FE problem without getting stuck

Developing your conceptual understanding to the point where you can breakdown and tackle FE conceptual questions

✔ Applying a repeatable method for solving thousands of FE-type questions correctly

✔ Solving FE problems without overthinking, getting confused, or overwhelmed.

✔ Solving FE problems without making silly mistakes

Learning and practicing the step-by-step process needed to solve FE problem without getting stuck

Using the most efficient methods to solve hundreds of practice problems


You want to set yourself up for success by using the right resources. The last thing you want to do is waste time studying for the FE Exam using outdated/boring/irrelevant material. This course will provide you with ALL of the resources you will ever need to pass your FE exam.

By using this course, these resources will help you pass your FE Exam by:

✔ Organizing your studying by the latest 2024 NCEES® Civil FE Exam Specifications

✔ Building your problem-solving abilities by using 2024 NCEES® FE Handbook 10.3

✔ Building your conceptual knowledge when it comes to solving FE Conceptual Questions

✔ Applying an active learning approach by solving 1000+ FE style problems

✔ Testing yourself using quizzes and a full-length practice exam

✔ Learning how to apply your Calculator solve FE problems a lot faster

Hi 👋 I’m Farouq

Your lead instructor and founder of Directhub.

I have been working as an online tutor/instructor for over 5 years. Tutoring and providing one on one support is my passion. These are some of the companies and schools I have worked for.

I’m here to help you do everything it takes to pass your FE exam and move one step closer to becoming a professional engineer. Passing the FE exam isn’t easy at all. It requires your commitment and sacrifice. Remember this. You’re doing all this for the long term. You’re doing it to build something for yourself. It will all be worth it in the end, and I’ll be by your side until the day you get that EIT title by your name! 


I place a high value on lifting EVERYONE UP, not just those who are “naturally gifted” or “smart”. I firmly believe each student has an untapped capacity to learn anything with the right instructor support, quality instruction, and necessary discussions that naturally occur as each student continues to get better each day.

Learning something new will require patience, commitment, long term thinking, and making a lot of mistakes. Yes, you will fail and make mistakes. This is precisly the feedback you need to get better one day at a time, one practice problem at a time. You will learn to accept these failures. You will gain valuable insights that will reframe your thinking towards a new approach and keep you on the right track throughout your FE preparation journey.

I’m here to give you all the tools I know that will help you breakdown all kinds of FE problems. By studying with me in the DirectHub course, I am certain that you will develop the mindset and problem-solving skills that are guaranteed to help you pass your FE exam!


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