Helping you pass your FE Exam is our top priority. We have diligently created a FREE Excel workbook containing a checklist for all the FE Exam topics specified by the NCEES.


Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to balance out work and your daily lifestyle while preparing for the FE Exam? We understand how stressful it may feel to do all of this all at once, especially considering the much-needed time and energy commitment to prepare effectively for the FE exam.

We are here to help you pass your FE Exam and achieve your goals by providing you the best and most affordable personalized FE Exam prep.

With this course, you will 24/7 access to your personal instructor/tutor who’s fully committed to helping you stay on track to pass your FE exam.

  • Hundreds of On-Demand Videos
  • Lecture Videos
  • 45,000+ Words of Lessons
  • 200+Visual Representations Built for the FE Exam
  • Hundreds of flashcards
  • Customizable PDF study planner
  • Private Discussion Forum
  • Calculator tips and tricks
  • Unlimited Help


Hi 👋 I’m Farouq

I’m the instructor and founder at Directhub.

I have been working as an educator for four years and have had the opportunity to tutor and instruct hundreds of students. I have also had the opportunity to work for multiple organizations and companies as an engineering subject matter expert and tutor.

I have tutored and helped many students pass their FE exams, created engineering courses. developed content for engineering exams, created animations for stem topics, served as a higher-ed engineering subject matter and helped developed STEM enrichment classes.

I will do everything I can to help you achieve your goals.

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