We specialize in providing one on one STEM tutoring to help every student prepare and feel confident about the material they need to know before their next exam, test, and homework related questions. We are motivationally driven to help every student feel like they are finally understanding the material because we empathize with how dramatically this can reduce the amount of stress a student may go through. With each session adapted to the specific study needs of the student, we can guarantee that you will feel like you finally get it. Let us help you achieve your goals and dreams.



Hi ???? I’m Farouq

I’m the instructor and founder at Directhub.

I have been working as an educator for four years and have had the chance to tutor and instruct hundreds of students. I’ve also worked with multiple organizations and companies producing engineering courses, content creation for professional exams, educational videos, and in-person STEM enrichment classes.

I have grown to love teaching and sharing what I know with others. I will always be there for my students because I believe the traditional educational environment is extremely limiting. I will breakdown problems and equip you with new tools to achieve your learning goals or simply ace your next exam.