fe exam priority

Is studying for the FE exam one of your priorities?

Have you ever thought about your priorities? Is getting your EIT high on your priority list? How about studying for the FE?

Everyone has their own list of priorities. Some priorities are by choice, other priorities are not by choice, and some may even be in between choice and no choice.

For most of us, we have to prioritize working 40 hours a week, taking care of the family, and being there for our loved ones. That, we can’t do much about. Now the key question is this:

How should we prioritize the remaining time we have?

fe exam priority

When it comes to prioritizing anything, even studying for the FE. We need a reason to engage in this task. Without a reason, you will likely lose motivation and give up.

Is studying for the FE exam on that list? If you really want this EIT, how can you reorder your priorities and put studying high on that list? Remind yourself why you’re doing this. Why is it important for you to get your EIT license? Write down your three reasons today:

Reason 1: _____________________________
Reason 2: _____________________________
Reason 3: _____________________________

With your three reasons clearly laid out, it’s time that you examine your current list of priorities TODAY. Can you make adjustments to these priorities and squeeze in studying for the FE exam on that list?

Sometimes it’s best to temporarily put activities on hold that you can truly afford to delay. You can also delegate some tasks to a loved one or a friend (let’s say both of you agree that you will skip cooking dinner on this day or maybe agree that you will be home late since you’ll be studying at the library). Lastly, after examining your list of priorities, you may just want to let go of some activities for good. If it’s not that important, get rid of it instead of letting it stress you out. Or you could simplify it.

There are no shortcuts to it. To prepare optimally for this exam, we will need to prioritize studying consistently while making the necessary adjustments to our day-to-day life activities. It won’t be perfect because life will absolutely get in the way. But you’ll maintain your determined mindset. The sacrifice for the next few months is only temporary. It’s so worth it. After getting your EIT and PE, you’ll look back at it as another rewarding journey that made you the person you’re destined to be.

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